The Power of Strategic Design

Creative ideas are just that – attractive visuals and messages – unless they have a strong foundation of research, brand and communications strategy. The best design execution in the world will still underperform if the plan is not on-brand, on-message, appropriated a proper media budget, and deployed to the right audiences with a smart communications strategy. And let’s never forget a bold call-to-action, which should map to the desired outcomes.

What’s the recipe for success? Delivering compelling ideas and excellent design, all applied to well-branded products featuring key messages distributed to the right audiences, at the right time, on the right frequency. 

strategic design case study

Conversely, I’ve seen the best laid plans underperform due to an underwhelming or unimaginative creative execution. I’ve seen unfortunate design solutions that miss the mark on consensus-approved brand standards, or that lack professional design quality. Those misguided creative applications actually reduce trust in the brand and in the legitimacy of the content. Design is often undervalued as a device to elevate the brand and build consumer trust in the publishing source, as well as the information being delivered. 

Through my former agency, IridiumGroup, and now at ScientificBrands – where that crème de la crème of creative and design talent is still at work – we have produced some of the most powerful and effective visual brands and products in the market. In each instance, the results were grounded in research, business strategy and planning.  

Led by our Chief Creative Officer, Yi Son Ko, here are a few examples of excellence in design and production. In the coming weeks, I will be showcasing specific case studies of our work. Enjoy!